Announcement in relation to business development

 NIREUS AQUACULTURE SA announces to the investing public that on August 7, 2019 received from the shareholders  Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, Eurobank Ergasias S.A and the National Bank of Greece, accordingly, the following letters with below noted content:

 "Athens, August 7, 2019,

In response to the 8/5/2019 relevant letter of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission with protocol number 2873, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

1. As is expressly referred in the announcements dated 03/19/2019 of NIRΕUS SA and SELONDA SA, the acquisition of joint control of the companies Andromeda, Nireus and Selonda by Amerra Capital Management LLC and MDC Industry Holding Company LLC is subject to two conditions, that is :

(a) the establishment of definitive divestiture agreement with one or two candidate purchasers for the sale of (i) fish farms that produce  approximately 10,000 tonnes mediterranean fish along with related packing units with the same capacity and (ii) hatcheries units that produce approximately 50,000,000 pieces of juveniles and the transfer to the candidate buyers  the  relevant know - how of the research and breeding programs, as well

(b) the approval of  the European Competition Commission for the suitability of the candidate buyer or buyers and the terms of the above purchase and sale.

2. As  it emerge from the relevant letter of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission to us, but also from the press releases, described in the aforementioned letter, it is stated that on 08/02/2019 the sale agreement under item 1 (a) has been signed.

3. We note that we are not party to the specific  agreement and therefore we have not been notified upon.

4. In addition, to the best of our knowledge, the European Competition Commission's approval under point 1 (b), as above, has not yet been granted, as a result the  both of the aforementioned conditions are not met.

After the fulfillment of this condition, our intention is that, after receiving the relevant information from the  parties that are  involved and in the contexts of existing contractual commitments / obligations, we will provide it to you so that the investing public to be informed."

It is noted that company is not  party to aforementioned  signed agreement on 02/08/2019 as above. Anything newer will be notified immediately.


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