Announcement regarding the purchase of treasury shares

Announcement regarding the purchase of treasury shares


ALPHA TRUST-ANDROMEDA S.A. would like to inform the investment community that in application of the decision of the Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting dated 10.9.2018 as well as of the decision of BoD dated 29.7.2019 and pursuant to article 49 of codified law 4548/2018, as amended and currently in force, in the meeting dated 13 August 2019, it has proceeded through EUROBANK EQUITIES S.A. to the purchase of 493 treasury shares, at an average acquisition price of 24.37 euro per share, of a total value of 12,031.22 euro.

Following the above purchase, the Company owns 622 treasury shares, with an average acquisition price of 24.57 euro per share, a percentage of 0.1551% % of the total shares of the Company.


Kifissia, 14 August 2019


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