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Regulation (CSDR) aims to increase financial stability, improve cross-border efficiency and harmonisation ανδ promote competition and consolidation within the EU Single Market. Read more...




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14th AGR Save the Date

2nd ATHEX Small Cap

The new era of the Greek Financial Sector

The Athens Stock Exchange invites you to the14th Annual Greek Roadshow in London, on September 18 -19, 2019

The Athens Exchange Group organises the 2nd ATHEX SMALL CAP CONFERENCE on October 10th 2019, aiming at bringing together Small-Cap listed companies with foreign & domestic institutional investors as well as sell side analysts

The Hellenic Bank Association and the Athens Exchange are hosting an event entitled "The new era of the Greek Financial Sector" in London on September 24, 2019, on the sidelines of the international conference Sibos 2019.


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ATHEXAcademy seeks to provide qualitative training services to those who may be interested on stock market issues as well as to uphold and support the certification policy of the ATHEX Group. Read more...

Meet our services and applications and contact us to discuss and determine the one that covers your needs in the best way! We have the knowledge, we provide a stable & reliable environment, we can create the best solution for you! Read more...

The Athens Exchange S.A. is registered in the registers kept by the EETT, as "electronic signature Certification service provider issuing qualified certificates" and as "electronic signature Certification service provider"  Read more...



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