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Actions on the Stock Futures on FOLLI-FOLLIE

12 June 2018
Actions on the Stock Futures on FOLLI-FOLLIE


Actions on the Stock Futures on FOLLI-FOLLIE

The Athens Exchange, taking into consideration, the decision of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission for the suspension of trading of FOLLI FOLLIE S.A. and since the reasons of suspension have not been lifted, announces the deferral of the expiration of the Stock Futures on FOLLI-FOLLIE, in accordance to article of the ATHEX Rulebook.

In summary, the following actions will take place:

A. After the close of business of Wednesday 13/06/2018, two (2) days prior to the normal expiration date of the June future (which is Friday 15/06/2018), the June and September series will be renamed for technical reasons (to perform the deferral) with the addition of the X symbol in the end of their name, that is FFGRP18FΧ and FFGRP18ΙΧ respectively.

B. The "technical" expiration date of the FFGRP18FΧ series will be set as 20/12/2019, while, for the moment, the expiration date of the FFGRP18ΙΧ series will remain intact (i.e. 21/09/2018)

The Athens Exchange will inform for any further actions, in accordance with any news and always in accordance to the ATHEX Rulebook.

More specifically:

a) In case of trading resumption (if the reason for suspension of trading is lifted), the final settlement price for that series will be calculated on the third (3rd) business day following the day of trade resumption (T+3) in accordance to Resolution 12 of the ATHEX BoD. In that case, the price of the underlying instrument will be calculated through the use of Method 2 (Call Auction), in the ATHEX Securities Market for the time period between 13:45 and 14:00 (Athens time) for the said security.

b) In all cases, deletion of derivatives series, may take place in accordance to the ATHEX Rulebook.

In that case, the deletion of the derivatives series will be performed in accordance to article 2.6.12, par. 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 of the ATHEX Rulebook. The open positions will expire on the day of such deletion and the settlement will be carried out through physical delivery according to the product terms and characteristics as described in Resolution 12 of the ATHEX BoD.  The calculation of the monetary obligations of the counterparties will be based on the last published price prior of the underlying asset prior to the derivative deletion.

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