Board of Directors

ΑΤΗΕΧ is currently managed by a Board of Directors consisting of thirteen (13) members elected by secret ballot by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The table below shows the composition of the Board of Directors today:

  Name Position
1. George Handjinicolaou Chairman, non-executive member
2. Alexios Pilavios Vice Chairman, non-executive member
3. Socrates Lazaridis CEO, executive member
4. Konstantinos Vassiliou Non-executive member
5. Dimitrios Dosis (*) Independent non-executive member
6. Giorgos Doukidis Independent non-executive member
7. Ioannis Emiris Non-executive member
8. Polyxeni Kazoli Independent non-executive member
9. Theano Karpodini (*) Independent non-executive member
10. Nicholas Krenteras (**) Independent non-executive member
11.  Ioannis Kyriakopoulos Non-executive member
12.  Spyridoula Papagiannidou Independent non-executive member
13.  Pantelis Tzortzakis (*) Independent non-executive member


The BoD was elected by the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of the Company on 30.5.2019 (Press Release), for a four year term, which is prolonged de jure until the Annual General Meeting of shareholders which will be held or called to a meeting after the end of its term of service.

(*) Elected on 31.05.2021 by the 20th Annual GM - See the Press Release.

(**) Elected on 28.06.2021 - See the announcement.

See the Suitability Policy on Members of the Board of Directors which was approved by the 20th Annual GM.

See the composition of the Boards of Directors of ΑΤΗΕΧ subsidiaries here.



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