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Social welfare is interconnected with sustainable economic growth.

HELEX Group is always striving for its actions to have a positive and productive interaction with society. In this context our Group, with a sense of responsibility towards people and especially towards vulnerable social groups, supports the efforts of social institutions and organizations. In addition, it is a priority for us, to continuously develop the initiatives and actions that assist the local community and care for vulnerable social groups such as children, the elderly, the disabled, and society as a whole.

Over the last few years the HELEX Group is implementing a regular project of humanitarian aid, through practices which promote the social solidarity and contribute to the reduction of poverty. It participates in activities of voluntary organizations offering assistance to children, their families and people with low living standards.The employees of the Group actively support any voluntary activities organized on a regular basis by the Group such as collecting, purchasing various goods (per action), and being present during delivery.

Over the last years the management of the Group implements a new human resource management system emphasizing on training, education, improving the skills of employees, rewarding productivity and better balancing of work and family. The fair reward system, the open communication, the continuous education and the provision of additional benefits ? beyond what is foreseen by law ? are all part of the Group's policy towards its employees. We strictly apply health and safety regulations and ensure the maintenance of excellent working conditions. Moreover, we encourage all employees to achieve their goals. For this reason, we provide opportunities for training and enhancement of their personal skills that at the same time enable them to develop and promote their careers.



Increasing knowledge and development of the institution and the values of the exchange


The promotion of the exchange as an institution, its operation and history, is achieved through an educational program addressed to students of primary, secondary and higher education as well as to executives and market participants. The educational program includes seminars and presentations all taking place at our premises. Over the past year a new effort has taken place, expanding the existing educational program of the Group through the direct contact with students in schools in order to provide them with some basic information about the financial world and

promote entrepreneurship.  

Providing specialized know-how - certifying executives and professionals

The Training Department of HELEX Group is constantly developing educational seminars in order to provide specialized know-how to capital market executives (listed companies, brokerage firms, public sector, institutional investors, banks and financial institutions)

Scholarships to students

As part of its effort to improve education, HELEX Group offers every year scholarships to University students.

Practical training for students

In the context of the opportunity to provide professional experience to young people, we employ students through internship training programs from various educational institutions. Trainees work in various departments that are relevant to their studies. The duration of their training is determined by each program. Furthermore, we facilitate the provision of data and information to students and Ph.D. candidates for use in their dissertations that are part of their studies, or for research projects concerning the exchange.




Growing environmental awareness among employees is for HELEX Group a prerequisite towards our ultimate goal

which is the creation of a common internal environmental culture.

Each year we carry out various activities to aid institutions and environmental organizations with a structured program designed both to protect the environment and to increase environmental awareness and sensitivity of society as a whole.


Through simple programs of daily practices, we encourage our employees to work by ‘thinking green', to exploit the opportunities they have to improve environmental operations and waste management. Every day we recycle in our premises, a large quantity of waste that is produced such as paper, packaging materials, ink cartridges, electrical appliances, PCs, batteries and other.

Paper Use Reduction

A program aiming to reduce the consumption of paper by modifying the software of PCs is in place. In addition we reduce paper use for internal as well as for external correspondence of documents, by using an electronic system of protocol and fax.  

Energy Saving

Various actions are carried out in HELEX Group with a view to general reduction of the company's carbon footprint, in the context of our Management's decision to monitor the developments in ‘green business' and become a "model" for social and environmental actions.

Energy Saving is achieved through everyday  activities such as:

  • Reducing the use of air conditioning by adjusting the temperature of the offices,
  • Using only the necessary lighting depending on weather conditions in order to reduce electricity power supply,
  • Turning off PCs and lighting at the end of the working day.

Participation in "Earth Hour"

Earth Hour is an effort to tackle climate change and save energy. It was launched in Australia as an initiative of WWF Australia and soon turned from a local national event to a global call. Earth Hour is the culmination of a large campaign to increase the awareness of business, communities and individuals in order for them to make small changes in their daily activities that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere on a continuous basis.

HELEX Group participates every year in this effort by turning off the lights of our building.


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