We at the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) are convinced about the great potential and the bright perspectives of the Greek food and beverage sector. Our conviction is based on the high availability of quality raw materials and produce and the large number of businesses that, with passion and love for what they do, are involved in the development, production and processing of agricultural products and their distribution around the world.

We have decided to play a role in the development of this sector of the economy and are committed to assisting the growth of businesses operating therein. ATHEX wishes to help local agricultural producers to enter foreign markets, to improve the promotion of quality products and to enable them to find partners and investors in order to develop their strategy, achieve business synergies and fund their expansion efficiently.

At the beginning of this effort - among other things - we created a microsite aiming to inform about the main subsectors of the Greek food and beverage sector, the companies operating therein and their products, as well as, other relevant issues of interest. The material in this microsite will be updated regularly with new information. The concise guide, "Greek Food - The story", prepared by ATHEX is part of this microsite.

At the same time, we are in the process of further improving the legislative, regulatory and tax environment in Greece, for the benefit of listed funds at ATHEX. Through the operation of such funds, much needed capital will flow to listed and non-listed companies and talented and experienced people will get access to the right international partners to grow their businesses.

There are remarkable opportunities for long term investment in the food and beverage processing sector in Greece and at ATHEX, both through our Main Market and our Alternative Market (E.NA), we provide a secure and transparent environment for foreign investors.

"In food processing, due to the availability of high quality raw materials and produce, specialized know - how and reasonable cost levels (in some categories), Greece has significant potential to increase output, boost exports and contain imports, especially in four major high-potential categories, namely oils & fats, fruits and vegetables, dairy and bakery products".

                                                                Greece 10 Years Ahead,
McKinsey & Company 2011 

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