Compliance Function

Compliance with the letter, and in particular the spirit of the laws, the institutional and supervisory rules and principles, and best market practices is an integral part of ATHEX Group's corporate culture. Group Compliance Unit, as independent from other business units handling all compliance issues, was established in 2011. Group Compliance Unit's major responsibilities are the following:

  • Minimization of compliance risk, financial loss or damage to the reputation, the Group may suffer, as a result of its failure to comply with any particular rule.
  • Provision of advices to the business units with regard to the implementation of the legal and regulatory framework.
  • Development and implementation of internal compliance policies, rules and measures regarding topics such as prevention of conflict of interest, mitigation of outsourcing risk, complaints handling, protection of confidential information and personal data etc. 
  • Monitoring of compliance on the legal and regulatory framework as well as on the above internal rules.

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