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Are you a Legal Entity who participate in the financial markets, we issue your LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) which is used while reporting transactions, allowing the clear and unique identification. Read more...

The AXIAsms service is provided by the ATHEXGroup to support the communication of the Members and DSS Operators, with the investors. Read more...

The AXIAweb service is provided by the ATHEXGroup to investors in order to receive electronic information about their data in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS). Read more...



Trust service



The Athens Exchange S.A. is registered in the registers kept by the EETT, as "electronic signature Certification service provider issuing qualified certificates" and as "electronic signature Certification service provider"  Read more...




Υπηρεσίες προς εισηγμένες εταιρείες



Issuance of ISIN code

H.E.R.ME.S. (Hellenic Exchanges Remote Messaging Services) is an electronic system of connectivity and communication between ATHEX and listed companies through the Internet.

The AXIAline is an Issuers' Online Information system through which issuers receive the information they need for the update of their shareholders' logs. Read more...

The Code number ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is a unique international recognition code for the transferable securities. The issuance of the ISIN code is performed by ATHEX GROUP. More...



Composite index



Asset Publisher