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Share capital reduction through a reduction in the par value of the share


26 June 2007 -The Company HELLENIC EXCHANGES S.A. HOLDING, CLEARING, SETTLEMENT & REGISTRY (HELEX) announces that the 1st Repetitive General Meeting of shareholders held on May 24th 2007 approved the reduction of the share capital of the company by the amount of thirty five million one hundred thirty five thousand seven hundred thirty one euro and fifty cents (€35,135,731.50).

The reduction in share capital will take place by a corresponding reduction in the par value of the share from one euro seventy five cents (€1.75) to one euro twenty five cents (€1.25) and payment of capital in the amount of fifty cents (€0.50) per share to shareholders.

Following the above-mentioned reduction, the share capital of the company amounts to eighty seven million eight hundred thirty nine thousand three hundred twenty eight and seventy five cents (€87,839,328.75), divided into seventy million two hundred seventy one thousand four hundred sixty three (70,271,463) common registered shares, with a par value of one euro twenty five cents (€1.25) each.

The Ministry of Development approved the modification of the relevant article of the Articles of Association of the Company (decision K2-8405/7.6.2007). The Athens Exchange, at its meeting of 22.6.2007 was informed about the reduction in the par value of the shares of the Company.


Following the above, persons possessing shares at the end of trading of Athens Exchange on Friday June 29th 2007 will be eligible to receive the amount of the share capital reduction (€0.50 per share). From Monday July 2nd 2007, the shares of the Company will trade at ATHEX with a new par value of one euro twenty five cents (€1.25) per share, without the right to receive the share capital reduction of fifty cents (€0.50) per share. On that date, the share price at the start of trading will be adjusted in accordance with Decision 35/24.11.2005 of the BoD of ATHEX, due to the return of share capital to the shareholders of the Company with a corresponding reduction in the par value of the share as above.


The payment date for the share capital return is Thursday July 12th 2007. HELEX (as successor to the Central Securities Depository-CSD) will credit the accounts of the operators, who will in turn pay the beneficiaries. For shareholders, whose shares are in the special account, payment will be effected through HELEX (CSD) (at the new offices - 108 Athinon Ave., 10442 Athens, Tel. +30-210 3366990) on working days, from 09:00 to 16:00.




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