ALPHA ETF FTSE Athex 20 Domestic Equities Fund. Capital Return with reinvestment into shares of the ETF Mutual Fund

ALPHA ASSET MANAGEMENT A.E.D.A.K. announces a capital return with reinvestment into shares of the ETF, for all shareholders of record with the Dematerialized Securities System ("DSS" or "SAT") of the Athens Exchange as of 5th July 2010 (record date). The amount of capital to be returned and the value per share will be calculated at the end-of-day of 30th June 2010. As of 1st July 2010, the ETF's shares will trade in the Athens Exchange at a price reduced by the amount of capital returned and without the right to the capital return.
The reinvestment of capital will be completed on 6th July 2010 and the number of new shares will be calculated based on the ETFS's closing price (NAV) as of that date. Any fractional shares will be returned to shareholders in cash.
The fund's new shares will be listed in the Athens Exchange on 7th July 2010 at which date, shareholders will be credited with the additional shares.
As of 9th July 2010, the cash will be paid to shareholders through Alpha Bank in the following ways:
1.Through the Operators of the Greek Dematerialised Securities System (DSS/SAT), provided they have been authorised by the shareholder to receive such payment.
2.Through the Alpha Bank Branch Network for those shareholders that have not authorised their DSS/SAT Operators to collect the amount, or for those shareholders keeping a special account in the Hellenic Exchanges S.A. Shareholders may collect the money from the Alpha Bank Branches by presenting their Identity Card along with a copy of their DSS/SAT record. A payment to a third person will require the presentation of a Letter of Delegation with all the required personal information of both the shareholder and the authorised person (name, surname, Identity Card Number, Tax Registration Number). The Letter of Delegation must have a signature authenticated by a Greek police station or other relevant authority.
For any additional information shareholders may contact Alpha Asset Management Α.Ε.D.Α.Κ. at the telephone numbers +30 210 326 2985-96.


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