Announcement of Regulated Information - Law 3556/2007

Agios Stefanos, December the 1st, 2021



P. G. NIKAS SA (hereinafter "the Company"), after having received relevant information, from Competrol Establishment and in accordance with the provisions of Law 3556/2007 informs the investing public of the following:


As a result of the completion of the demerger of CHIPITA Industrial and Commercial Company S.A., entered into force on 30.11.2021, with the establishment of two new companies, namely Chipita Global S.A. and Chipita Foods S.A. (hereinafter "Chipita Foods"), Chipita Foods, which is under the ultimate control of Competrol Establishment, became the sole shareholder of Chipita Holdings Limited (hereinafter "Chipita Holdings").

Chipita Holdings remains the sole shareholder of Givenrise Investments Limited, which in its turn is a direct shareholder of the Company.

This transfer of shares and voting rights in Chipita Holdings did not result in a change to the total number of shares and voting rights in the Company indirectly controlled by Competrol Establishment through its subsidiaries.

As a result, Competrol Establishment continues to indirectly hold 93.36% of the Company's total share capital and voting rights.



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