The activities and the prospective of GOODY'S S.A. as well as its financial statement for the year 2000 were presented on February 28th, 2001 by Mr. Zafiris Hatzilazarou, Managing Director of GOODY'S S.A. The presentation was in accordance with the presentation programme of the ASE-listed companies organised by the Association of the Members of the Athens Stock Exchange (SMEXA).GOODY'S S.A. is the largest quick service restaurant chain in the Greek Market and one of the biggest and more powerful chains in Europe. ?It has virtually shaped the quick service restaurant market in Greece, a market it dominates since its establishment. It has the most extended network in the country. In terms of turnover, it is steadily among the 4 largest European chains for the last 5 years, according to Neo Restauration magazine? Mr. Hatzilazarou mentioned.GOODY'S chain consists today of 152 successful restaurants in Greece and 6 restaurants abroad (4 in Cyprus and 2 in Bulgaria). Their approximately 5,000 employees serve annually about 80 million customers, offering 250,000 lunches per day. Sales for the year 2000 both in Greece and abroad amounted to 59,5 bil. drs. achieving a raise of 11% (53,6 bil. Drs. in 1999).There was a special reference to the FLOCAFE ESPRESSO BARS which amount today to 31 stores. ?2000 was an extremely good year for FLOCAFE since its turnover reached 5,32 billion Drs., a raise of 74% compared to 1999 (3,065 bil. Drs.)? Mr. Hatzilazarou stressed. Mr. Hatzilazarou also presented the financial statement of GOODY'S S.A. for the year 2000. In 2000 the turnover of GOODY'S S.A. was higher by 10,7% and reached the amount of 4,873 billion Drs. (4,4 billion in 1999). Pre-tax profits were higher by 14,1%, amounting to 1,536 billion Drs. (1,347 billion in 1999).The turnover of the Group was 37,334 billion Drs. (31,758 billion in 1999 · higher by 17,6%) and the pre-tax profits were 4,848 billion Drs. (4,194 billion in 1999 · higher by 15,6%) while the profits after taxes and minority rights were 2,539 billion Drs. (2,158 billion in 1999 · higher by 17,6%). The target of the Group for the year 2001 is for the turnover to reach 42 billion Drs. and the pre-tax profits to reach 5,4 billion and after taxes and minority rights to reach 3 billion Drs.The investments of the Group for 2000 was a total of 3,7 billion Drs. and for the next 3 years a total of 7 billion Drs. is scheduled to be invested. ?2001 will see the realisation of all GOODY'S S.A. has planned in 2000 both for the parent company as well as for the other companies of the Group?, Mr. Hatzilazarou mentioned. Among others, he announced: · 12 new GOODY'S restaurants will be established in Greece and 5 abroad as well as 17 new FLOCAFE stores · the development of TELEPIZZA HELLAS, the company that will be the stepping stone for the pizza market · FLOCA, a company of the GOODY'S Group, will co-operate with DELTA ICE CREAM for the distribution of the FLOCA products through their distribution channels · HELLENIC CATERING, member of the Group, will co-operate with GENIKI TROFIMON, member of the DELTA Group, on the creation of a unit of washing, cutting and packaging of fresh vegetablesThe target for the next 3 years (2001-2003) is to continue growing, to maintain its leading position in the Greek Market, to expand to carefully selected foreign markets and last but not least, to develop new concepts. An example of its expected growth is that in 2003 it is estimated that there will be 174 GOODY'S restaurants in Greece with 66,5 billion Drs. turnover and 67 FLOCAFE ESPRESSO BARS with 10,4 billion Drs. turnover.

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