Re-constitution of the B.o.D into Body corporate

Following the decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company's Shareholders of 1st July 2021 to elect a new Board of Directors and appoint independent members, in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 9 of Law 4706/2020, and after the registration of the amendment of the Articles of Association in the General Commercial Registry with registration number 2582898, the BoD was constituted again into Body corporate as follows:


  1. Peristeris Georgios          Executive BoD Member, Chairman of the BoD and Managing


       2. Tamvakakis Apostolos     Independent Non-Executive Member, Vice –Chairman of the BoD,                         Lead Independent Director

  1. Gourzis Michail                  Executive BoD Member, Vice –Chairman of the BoD
  2. Lazaridou Pinelopi           Executive Director, Executive  Member
  3. Benopoulos Angelos       Executive Director, Executive  Member
  4. Antonakos Dimitrios       Executive  Member
  5. Moustakas Emmanuel   Executive  Member
  6. Perdikaris Georgios         Executive  Member
  7. Afentoulis Dimitrios        Non-Executive Member
  8. Apkarian Gagik                  Independent Non-Executive Member
  9. Delikoura Aikaterini        Independent Non-Executive Member
  10. Capralos Spyridon            Independent Non-Executive Member
  11. Staikou Sophia                 Independent Non-Executive Member
  12. Skordas Athanasios         Independent Non-Executive Member
  13. Lamprou Konstantinos  Executive  Member

Their term will last for four years and is automatically extended until the Ordinary General Meeting to be convened in 2026.

It is noted that the authorizations granted by virtue of the BoD decision dated 1/7/2021 continue to apply unaffected. 



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