Andreas Mitafidis

Member BoD HELEX (Independent, Non-executive)




Andreas Mitafidis is an independent member of the Board of the Athens Exchange Clearing House SA, a subsidiary of the Athens Exchange Group.

He has been awarded a Civil Engineering Degree by the Technical University of Athens (1981) and holds an MBA of the University of Glamorgan (1999).

He was employed by Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC) in 1986, offering his services initially at the Informatics Department and then as staff at the CEO's Office.

In 2001 he was transferred to the Hellenic Transmission System Operator (HTSO), where he worked for the set up and implementation of the wholesale power market settlement mechanism.

In 2007 he staffed the National Energy Strategy Council where he worked until 2009.

He rejoined PPC, resuming the Regulatory Affairs Branch at the Strategy Department and since 2011 he was assigned the management of the Department of Energy Management, the mission of which, among others, comprises the representation of PPC in the power wholesale market, the contracting and implementation of cross border power trade as well as the procurement of CO2 emission allowances. In December 2017 he was assigned the management of the Regulatory Affairs Department, the mission of which, aims at monitoring and elaborating energy regulatory issues.

He left PPC in January 2019.

He was born in 1959, he is married and has two sons.





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