AXIAsms-email service is provided to ATHEXCSD Participants, who may register investors-beneficiaries of securities accounts in the Dematerialized Securities System (D.S.S.), through the mobile phone number and/or email address of the beneficiaries, in order to receive alerts directly from ATHEXCSD for transfers and transactions carried out in their portfolio, via SMS messages and/or emails respectively, for the purposes of increased transparency.

The notifications that registered investors receive per Participant through the AXIAsms-email service, concern the following:

A. According to the information kept in D.S.S.:

  • Start, change or stop the registration of beneficiaries in the service
  • Change of details of the Client Investor Share Code and Securities Account of the beneficiaries in D.S.S.
  • Change of the beneficiaries' portfolio in the Securities Account at D.S.S.

B. According to the information provided by the Participants - Trading Members:

  • Update on beneficiary transactions executed on the Athens Stock Exchange
  • Transaction confirmations of the beneficiaries
  • Update on the composition and valuation of the beneficiaries' portfolio

The registration of the investors in the service, the content of the notifications, as well as the frequency of sending them to the beneficiaries according to their needs, are determined and registered in D.S.S. at the behest of the beneficiaries from the relevant Participants.

By registering beneficiary Securities Accounts in the AXIAsms-email service, eligible Participants are provided with the possibility of a reduced annual regular contribution to the Investment Services Guarantee Fund.

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