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Alternatively, certification obtained through ATHEX exams, certification by ATHEX is granted under the following circumstances;

According to the ATHEX Resolution No. 3, a candidate may be exempt from the certification exams of STC and DTC in the following cases;

a) Holds,

(i) a certificate corresponding to the one concerned in the candidate's application, which must have been awarded by the authorities or the entities or the stock exchanges of a regulated market of an EEA member state or a third country, or

(ii) has two years of experience, gained over the last five (5) years before submitting the application for certification with a member of a regulated market in an EEA member state, USA, Canada or Australia, where they performed trader duties similar to those being the object of the certification applied for

b) Has attended a special seminar organized by Athens Exchange or in matters concerning the specialization of the relevant certification. Such seminars are organized at least twice (2) a year.

c) By using a form made available by Athens Exchange to the interested parties, both the candidate and the Member within which they intend to exercise their duties declare that they are aware of the regulations and the relevant resolutions of the Athens Exchange governing the operation of stock trading in the Athens Exchange, the Clearing, Settlement and Risk Management and the systems associated therewith, as well as that they fully understand the contents thereof, by being fully aware of the obligations and consequences emerging from exercising the duties of a Certified Securities or Derivatives Trader, depending on the case.

Persons who fulfill the above requirements can be definitively registered as traders.

Required documents
STC DTC Application Form
ATHEX Certificates Training Form
Recognized Certificate  
Copy of Identity card or of passport  
Fees payment in favor of ATHEX  



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