Dimitris Karaiskakis

Chief Operating Officer


Mr. Dimitris Karaiskakis was born in 1964 in Patras, and is a graduate of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics at the University of Patras.

In 1986 he was employed by the Computer Technology Institute (http://www.cti.gr/) and undertook innovation projects in software development and software architecture in general. He participated as Assistant Project Manager and Technical Manager in the management consultant project to implement the ATHEX business plan in the "Kleisthenis" program (1995-1997), which resulted in the successful execution of international procurements for the modernization of the information infrastructure of ATHEX.

In May 1997 he was hired by the IT company of ATHEX, Systems Development and Support House of Capital Market (ASYK), charged with the coordination of the Greek capital market development projects, with the most important being the implementation of the electronic trading system (OASIS), and the creation of the Derivatives Market. In June 2000 he was promoted to General Manager at the company, and when HELEX was founded, he was a member of the management team of the Group. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Athens Derivatives Exchange Clearing House (ADECH), and FORTHe-com.

In April 2005 he assumed the post of Director of Technological Systems and Services of the Group, coordinating and participating in projects, such as the new Data Center of the Group, the development of the ATHEX-CSE Common Platform, and the unbundling of the clearing, settlement and registration services of the HELEX Group.

In January 2011 he assumed the post of Chief Operations Officer, responsible for the central coordination and supervision of all of the operational and product development departments of the Group.





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