PRESS RELEASE Updated Corporate Identity and Logo for Unibios Holdings

PRESS RELEASE  Updated Corporate Identity and Logo for Unibios Holdings
"Sustainability in Practice" is the central message of the new corporate identity of the Unibios Group, which remains committed to promoting technologies and applications that ensure sustainable development within a circular economy.

The pillar of the new corporate identity is the renewed color palette, which, with dominant shades of green and blue, expresses Unibios Group's continued orientation in the Green Economy and Sustainable Development markets.Through the new corporate identity, Unibios' main mission is made clear, summarized in the triptych "Investments - Environment - Development".

At the same time, the combination of color choices and the visual performance of the logo highlight the simplicity, clarity, transparency and movement that characterize Unibios.

Unibios, through its subsidiary, Watera International, invests in sustainable development by designing, constructing and installing water treatment and recycling systems that contribute to the resolution of water scarcity problrms in many areas in Greece and abroad.

Unibios' new corporate identity is accompanied by the launch of the new corporate website, which is already available (English version to follow shortly).

UNIBIOS Group is a holding company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Through its subsidiaries, UNIBIOS Holdings SA is active in the rapidly growing markets for Water Treatment and Recycling as well as the execution of Special Projects.

WATERA International SA is a subsidiary of Unibios Holdings, and through Watera Hellas SA, a leading water treatment company in Greece. Watera Hellas was founded in 1963 and is the first in terms of installed desalination capacity in Greece. Also through its subsidiaries, Watera International operates successfully, apart from Greece, in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Italy, and has also developed significant export activities in Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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