"ATHENS EXCHANGE CLEARING HOUSE" (ATHEXClear) was founded on 22.7.2005. The registration in the Companies Register was published in the Government Gazette (Issue 8298/22.7.2005).

The General Electronic Commercial Registry (GEMI) Number of the company is 6410501000 (former Companies Register No 58973/01/Β/05/309).

(you can find information published by the company at GEMI's website here [in Greek])

It is a 100% subsidiary of Hellenic Exchanges-Athens Stock Exchange S.A.

The purpose of the company is the management of clearing systems and/ or central counterparty, as well as comparable mechanisms with similar characteristics and / or a combination of these systems in order to carry out, in Greece and/ or abroad, the activities of finalizing or reconciling or settling the finalization of transactions in financial instruments and in general the operation as a System administrator in accordance with the provisions of article 72 of Law 3606/2007 (Government Gazette A/195/17.8.2007), as it applies.
The Articles of Association of the Company are available  here

The Board of Directors of the Company is the following:

   ATHEXClear Board of Directors  
1. Alexios Pilavios Chairman, non-executive member
2. Gikas Manalis Vice Chairman, non-executive member
3. Sokrates Lazaridis Chief Executive Officer
4. Andreas Mitafidis Independent Non-executive member
5. Nikolaos Pimplis Executive member
6. Harry Sachinis Independent Non-executive member
7. Dionysios Christopoulos Independent Non-executive member


Financial Statements

Title File Format
2018 Annual Financial Report
1st half 2018 financial report           (not available in English)
2017 Annual Financial Report     
H1 2017 Financial report            (not available in English)
2016 Annual Financial Report      
H1 2016 Financial report            (not available in English)
2015 Annual Financial Report
H1 2015 Financial report            (not available in English)
2014 Annual Financial Report
Η1 2014 Financial Report               (not available in English)
2013 Annual Financial Report      
H1 2013 Financial report                (not available in English)
2012 Annual Financial Report       (not available in English)
H1 2012 Financial report               (not available in English)
2011 Annual Financial Report       (not available in English)
H1 2011 Financial report               (not available in English)
2010 Annual Financial Report      (not available in English)
H1 2010 Financial report     (not available in English)



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