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Listings Service Desk

Through the Listings Service Desk, you can communicate with ATHEX in order to electronically submit your requests/inquiries and receive replies to them, being able in parallel to track the process stage of each matter, from submission to conclusion.

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HERMES "Hellenic Exchanges Remote MEssaging Services"

The internet application H.E.R.ME.S. (Hellenic Exchanges Remote MEssaging Services) is the  means of communication with ATHEX for  the submission of your company announcements, financial statements, transactions' notifications e.t.c.,  aiming at the prompt, reliable and complete information of the investing public.

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Through the internet application Axialine, you can receive daily reports of changes in the shareholder registry (TRN files), registry files (CRP file) as a result of a corporate action or following your company's request, reports regarding fractional balances, rights, cash distributions, e.t.c.

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Specialized Services

You can find more information regarding ATHEX services for General meetings, Corporate Governance, shareholder identification, and other shareholder registry services , in the section: "Services for Companies / Specialized Services".

Registry Services regarding the Dematerialized Securities System (D.S.S.)

ATHEXCSD, acting as a Central Securities Depository (C.S.D.), according to Law 3756/2009, as in force, provides the following services:

  1. Modification of Issuer's Account data
  2. Provision of information
  3. Legalization of heritage & Hereditary Succession services, following the mandate and on behalf of a Listed Company, to the Inheritors of its Investors-Shareholders
  4. Legalization of absent shareholders
  5. Over the counter securities transfer due to stock options offered to executives/ shareholders of a listed company
  6. Services related to the implementation of Corporate actions
  7.  Issue of a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code

For more information per service offered, select Registry services.


You can find your company announcements and additional information in the section LISTED COMPANIES.



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