ATHEX is the operator of Cash & Derivatives Market, including Goverment & Corporate Bonds in accordance with the EU regulatory framework (MiFiD II, EMIR, ESMA), as incorporated into Greek law.

Membership & Access in ATHEX Markets    

Credit Institutions or Investment Firms are authorized for orders execution on their own account and/or on behalf of their clients:

  • having their statutory registered office in Greece or

  • having a branch office in Greece, in the case of an Investment Firm elsewhere, outside Greece, in a Member State of the European Union or a State that is party to the Treaty on the European Economic Area or a Third State, or
  • operating on a remote basis, in the case of an Investment Firm elsewhere, outside Greece, in a Member State of the European Union or a State that is party to the Treaty on the European Economic Area
The Member and Market Maker capacities are personal, non-transferable and may not beassigned to a third party.
Conditions of participation   Technical Infrastructure

The candidate Member provides:

The candidate Member may clear its own transactions and consequently become a Direct Clearing Member (DCM). In case the Trading Member's transactions are cleared by another Member (GCM), a Common Declaration form must be signed and submitted for the assumption of Clearing by a General Clearing Member (GCM).



The candidate Trading Member in cooperation with Members Support & Network Management Unit proceeds to Node installation, ORAMA terminals or ATHEX / GW activation and tests its connectivity with ATHEX systems.

Alternatively, instead of node installation can be done usage of Collocation services.

The Data Center of ATHEXGroup has been manufactured taking into account the most strict international and implementation standards and is compatible with the basic design principles of Tier-4 standard at UpTime Institute.







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