Since its establishment in 1876, the Athens Exchange (ATHEX), constantly supports the growth and development of the Greek Economy and the companies listed on the  exchange.

ATHEX constitutes a developed and secure market for the admission to trading of securities, which is governed by the uniform European Regulatory Framework and employs advanced technology, in order to bring in contact listed companies and investors (local and international) - promptly and efficiently - through a trading platform, while ensuring fair securities' pricing mechanisms, along with transparency rules and provision of sufficient information to the investing public.


Listing on ATHEX is a significant strategic decision for all companies, regardless of the economic sector they belong to. By listing on ATHEX, a company can achieve:

  • Financial enhancement of its capital structure and expansion of its sources and potential for financing, through the access to the secondary market,
  • Enhancement of its visibility and reputation, which facilitates:
    • Business partnerships, agreements and strategic alliances, or improvement in their terms of agreement
    • Internal company coordination
    • Relations with customers and suppliers
    • Attraction of highly skilled senior executives
  • Enhancement of its Corporate Governance, through the adoption of contemporary administrative structures and transparency principles
  • Continuous and timely valuation
  • Participation in indexes used as benchmacks or for Financial products trading



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