AXIAweb service is provided by ATHEXCSD to investors in order to receive electronic information beneficiaries of Securities Accounts in the Dematerialized Securities System (D.S.S.), in order to monitor electronically the following information:

  • The details of the Client investor share code of the beneficiaries in D.S.S.
  • The last ten (10) transactions of the Securities Account of the beneficiaries in D.S.S.
  • The current state of balances per security of the beneficiaries' portfolio in D.S.S.
  • The valuation of the current portfolio of securities based on the closing price of the securities on the previous business day.


Access to/use of the service

Investor access to AXIAweb service is via the Internet and the use of the required passwords. Specifically:

  • The interested investor shall submit to ATHEXCSD the Application-Agreement (ΑΙΤ022). Upon its approval, ATHEXCSD shall issue the required passwords and deliver them to the interested investor by a secure process.
  • In case of lost passwords or inadvertent disclosure to third parties, ATHEXCSD must be informed immediately by the investor in order to deactivate the passwords and issue new ones through the relevant Application for the Deactivation and Reissue of Passwords (ΑΙΤ023) .
  • AXIAweb service is provided free of charge.

For more information, interested investors-beneficiaries of Securities Accounts at S.A.T. they can contact the Accounts & Registry Services Department.





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