Contractual Documents

Agreement for the Supply and Use of the ATHEX Real Time Market Information


The first step the data feed customer should take in order to proceed with the signing of the aforesaid agreement is to complete and send back to the Athens Stock Exchange signed the FORM V-01 "Vendor/Subvendor's report for information/change of the Agreement data and the  FORM V-05,  "Contact Details".

The Agreement for the for the supply and use of the ATHEX market information is comprised of two main sections (contractual documents):

  1. The main body, it is one page and it is the document to be signed (one page contract),
  2. The Annexes.

The table below includes all the contractual documents, in downloadable pdf files, comprising the agreement for the supply and use of the ATHEX market information that a data feed customer has to sign in order to be entitled to redistribute the ATHEX & CSE real time information.

The above mentioned agreement has to be signed by the data feed customers regardless they connect directly to the exchange or indirectly (via a Vendor).

 Contractual Document (Currently valid document) File Type
 Agreement for the supply and use of the ATHEX market information
 General terms and conditions (Main Body)
 Description of the ATHEX information products (Annex A')
 Special technical issues (Annex B')
 Price list of fees (Annex C') - effective up until the 31st  of December 2020
 Price list of fees (Annex C') - effective from the 4th of January  2021
 Price list of fees (Annex C') - effective from the 1st of July 2021
 Reporting guidelines (Annex D')
 Terms of use of trade marks and names (Annex E')
 Technical description of vendor/subvendor's information services (Annex ‘F')
 Reporting Forms (Annex ‘D') - Instructions File Type
 FORM V-01 Vendor/subvendor's report for information/change of the agreement data
 Reporting manual guide ( For Forms V02 & V03)
 Reporting Form for devices/subscribers/quotes
 Reporting Form for receiving special services
 FORM V-04 - Report form for Non-Display data usage
 FORM V-05 - Vendor/subvendor contact persons
 FORM V-06 - Report form for internal use of the information


ATHEX Market Information in Market Member's Applications


The following policy applies to Market Members, who wish to obtain information directly from ATHEX (IOCP) or from a Data Vendor solely for internal use in "Applications" (as indicative Market Making and Algo Trading).

The fees are presented below:

Price List od Data Feed Members (INTERNAL USAGE)  ANNUALLY   MONTHLY 
 Connectivity (per 2 IOCP Accounts) 10BBO



 Additional Connectivity (per 2 IOCP Accounts) Full Order



 Applications - Device 5/10BBO/Full Order



  • The abovementioned policy is applicable up to 10 "Applications/Devices (terminals)" per Member.
  • The provided "Data Feed Information" includes the ATHEX Securities, ATHEX Derivatives and FTSE Indices.
  • Every "Application" may have 1 terminal with display of the real time information free of exchange fees.
  • It is included the usage of ‘Non Display' of the Member for the specific applications.
Contractual Document File Type
Agreement for the Supply and Internal Use of the ATHEX Market Information for  Member's Application
General Terms & Conditions for the Supply and Internal Use of the ATHEX Market Information in ATHEX Member's Applications
Price List (Annex Α')
Information & Technical Specifications (Annex Β')
Contact Persons (Annex C')
Reports of Members towards ATHEX (Annex D')
Use of the Trade Marks (Annex Ε')





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